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wall Tiles

We are the home for all the leading-edge design of Wall Tiles. Be it contemporary or traditional, glamorous or sophisticated, we offer you Wall Tiles of various patterns and styles to bring your space opulence along with exuberance.


Bring a touch of magic to your home décor that will transform ordinary walls into works of superlative art. With endless offerings of patterns, textures and finishes our series K’Romanza will glamorize your home in a graceful and alluring way, the way you always wished.

K’ROMANZA > classic

Technical Specifications
Size: 250 x 750 mm
An inimitable blend of time-honored designs with a dash of contemporary elegance, our handpicked assortment of Classic wall tiles is all about creating the classic look that never goes out of style.

K'Fusion Bloom
K'Majestic Aqua
K'Inox Feria
K'Beryl Feria
K'Retro Coffer


Technical Specifications
Size: 250 x 750 mm
A byproduct of progressive engineering and rebellious designs, Décor series is a quintessence of modern day architecture of high technical and stylistic value which offers you patterns and finishes that never ceases to astonish you.

K'Fluorite Wave Décor
K'Fluorite Blossom Décor
K'Inox Ruby Décor
K'Beryl Floral Décor

K’ROMANZA > sugar

Technical Specifications
Size: 250 x 750 mm
If you are looking for tiles that glamorize your home yet maintain delicacy in a supple way. Pick from our Sugar series offering a wide variety of intricate patterns and untried styles to transform your residence into a place that oozes glamor and vigor.

K'Flint Skywave Crystal
K'Antique Wave Crystal