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A Broad Brushstroke of ‘The Great Beauty’

Beauty is everywhere but elegance is a rare thing to attain. Beauty certainly inspires but it’s the pursuit of elegance that ensnares one into the unblemished universe of The Great Beauty of finer designs, exotic textures, and captivating colors.
It takes an artist’s imagination and dexterity of a craftsman to bring a piece of tile to life and transform it into an astonishing work of art that makes everyday life-spaces a source of vigor, tenderness, and charisma that one yearns for from his environment.
The brand K- Mark finds its expression in designs that elevate such elegance to a new dimension and transform modern architectures into a place of The Great Beauty that retains the power to inspire and stupefy.

about us

Since we opened our doors on the first day of September in 2015 as K-Mark Bizsol Pvt. Ltd., our passion has been to grace the vibrant tile market of India with our distinguishing range of premium products featuring the latest manufacturing techniques and ongoing trends that satisfy its insatiable appetite for elegance, innovation, and sustainability.
We manufacture and supply for residential as well as commercial spaces with our wide range of premium tiles of high aesthetic value crafted with meticulous attention to details that are stylish yet sustainable, innovative yet viable. Each of our products embodies a great sense of elegance that blends in with the surrounding so beautifully that it surpasses the primarily desired vision of the customer and brings a distinguishing uniqueness to that place.
Our core values and ethics underpin our responsibilities and make us even more passionate about what we do. These values run right through from being incredibly particular about the products we conceptualize, produce and deliver along with forging strong relationships with our customers, distributors, and shareholders while keeping a sharp bird’s eye view on this ever changing market.


Since we are driven and inspired by the dynamic nature of the tile market itself, we strive to become a brand that’s not just a manufacturer and supplier of innovative tiles but a most sought after solutions provider in the tile industry with an aptitude for sustainable innovation, fair business dealings and delightful customer service.


Our mission is not only to adorn home interiors and exteriors but also to bring a great sense of elegance to everyday life spaces through an elegant and innovative array of superlative products.
With our nationwide network of distributors and strong support system of shareholders, we are dedicated to becoming a personal favorite of every designer who is in search of great ideas, every investor who is in search of great value and every man who is in search of the great beauty.