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Floor Tiles

Dazzling yet sophisticated, durable yet lavish, explore our exclusive range Floor Tiles of high practical and stylistic value with countless textures and shades that will redefine the way you look at the floor beneath your feet.

Let your parking space be an extension of your style statement with our K’Garnet series of digitally printed vitrified tiles. Strong, stylish and stain-proof, these greatly crafted tiles are sure to make heads turn.

DIGITAL parking

Technical Specifications
Size: 300 x 300 mm
Of exceptionally high aesthetic value and distinguishingly vibrant textures, our collection of Digital Parking Tiles will spoil you with choices and heighten your statement of style.

K'Slate Verde
K'Ranger Lux
K'Phoenix Nero
K'Arbor Brown
K'Slate Oak
K'Magic Salmon
K'Arbor Beige
K'Phoenix Copper